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Parent to parent selling

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Selling items to fellow parents takes a few simple steps. Sign up, then follow the List an item link and upload your outgrown uniform. It takes less than 2 mins to list an item with photos when using a smartphone

We respectfully ask that all items are in good condition, have been laundered and still have their size labels. As a guide we suggest the following: 

  • Items 'As New' condition, suggested resale at 55% of RRP
  • Items 'Good' condition, suggested resale at 40% of RRP
  • Items 'Signs of wear and tear' condition, suggested resale at 25% of RRP

As a pilot scheme, the site has been setup with fixed categories to help guide our users through the process. 

This is being reviewed on a regular basis. We always welcome feedback, please send through your comments to us on

Start selling your items today or start buying your items today. 

Working with schools to transform secondhand uniform sales

We hope to normalise the reusing of clothing and other school items, this is a great way for schools to strengthen their green credentials as well as educating our children by supporting a recycling culture directly within the school 'family'. 

School representatives can post and manage items independently; an online store just for your school. For a more integrated service, for example integration with your own websites, please do reach out and we can offer this service. 

If you would like further information for your school, please contact us on

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