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To contact us, please email We aim to respond to all emails within 7 days. 

The marketplace for preloved, second-hand  uniforms.

Our aim is to modernise the traditional second-hand uniform sales, making it possible for parents to buy and sell at any time of the day or night. 

With a rapidly growing awareness of our global environmental challenges, we want to normalise the reusing of clothing and other school items to help reduce our footprints. This is also a great way for schools to strengthen their green credentials whilst educating our children by supporting a recycling culture directly within the school 'family'.

This platform is for both schools, clubs and parents. 

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For Parents

You have the option to sell your own items direct to other parents within our marketplace. Click on 'List an item' and follow the steps. If your school is not listed, you can list within the Category 'Other' or contact us to create the catalogue on your behalf - typically within 48 hours. Simply email the school name and postcode to 

We charge a standard 10% commission for our hard work plus a near 2% financial transaction charge for Stripe. Click here to view the Terms and Conditions for our payment provider Strip.

For Schools

Our platform is used by schools wishing to switch to online selling, providing optimised selling to parents direct from the school. We have a number of schools and parents associations simply self managing and provides fulfilment services. This has become a great income stream for many schools. Within a few minutes, your school can set up an account, and start to creating listings of uniform items available. The school is also responsible for managing the sales and delivery or pick-up services at school. 

It is worth noting there is an option for people to donate up to 100% money from a sale (or a proportion of it) back to the school. 
Please note that with all Partnership Schools, there is default commission rate for all sales of uniform relating to that school. Rates will depend on the Agreement with the individual school. This can be provided upon request. Simply send an email with the details of the school relating to your enquiry to

For more information on how to get your school involved contact us on

Uniformis will be available for all UK schools shortly.

Please emails us at if you want to be notified. 

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