SH Year 3 (age 7-8), Drake Football/Rugby and PE sports bundle

Listing ID: 739905

Drake football/ruby and PE sports bundle for Year 3. Items are in excellent or good condition, pick up from Surbiton. Includes:

SH team (rugby/football) match shirt, age 7-8

Black rugby/football shorts, 24"

Drake house rugby/football top, 24-26"

Drake house PE t-shirt, 26/28"

White PE shorts, 22"

SH track top, age 7-8 (free of charge) as logo on the back has come off. School know that the logos can come off in the wash, so never an issue and my son wore for games lessons and matches.

Items are embroided (except white PE shorts), name will need removing or can be covered with a name label.

Can also sell individually if single items needed.

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